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National Financial Capability Challenge

Advisor: Mrs. Hartman

2010-2011 Results

Twenty-eight Underwood High School students scored in the top 20th percentile of students nationwide on the National Financial Capability Challenge. Ninety-eight UHS students participated and 28 were recognized for their top scores with certificates from the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Education.

One Underwood Rocket, Kendra Veazie, was recognized for having a perfect score, 100%, 40 out of 40. She receives an additional certificate to mark her achievement.

Other students recognized for being in the top 20th percentile are Brett Collins, Ellen Ferry, Keanu Feuerstein, Brianna Fitzgibbons, EB Floersch, Alysse Friedrich, John Glesne, Jared Green, Brad Greene, Dakota Huseth, Cody Karst, Jeremy Mark, Courtney Meder, Clayton Mertz, Zach Pedersen, Wes Peyerl, Noah Rocholl, Alex Samuelson, Samantha Stender, Steffan Stroh, Collin Teich, Suzie Thieschafer, Megan Thormodson, Alex Vogel, Breanna Vogel, Ryan Waerzeggers, and Paige Wagner.

The Challenge was taken by more than 84,000 high school students between March 7 and April 8, 2011. Participants included students in rural areas, suburbs, and inner cities across the country, and in Department of Defense schools around the world. The Challenge consists of 40 multiple choice questions related to all areas of personal finance, such as loans, credit, checking accounts, insurance, careers/income, budgeting, etc.

Students who score in the top 10% nationally are also automatically entered in a drawing to receive one of twenty $1,000 scholarships.


Back Row: Brianna Fitzgibbons, Samantha Stender, Keanu Feuerstein, EB Floersch, Cody Karst
Middle Row: Suzie Thieschafer, Alysse Friedrich, Megan Thormodson, Courtney Meder, Jared Green, John Glesne, Collin Teich, Jeremy Mark, Steffan Stroh, Noah Rocholl, Wes Peyerl
Front Row: Breanna Vogel, Brad Greene, Kendra Veazie, Ellen Ferry, Brett Collins, Clayton Mertz, Paige Wagner, Ryan Waerzeggers, Zach Pedersen, Alex Samuelson, Alex Vogel
Not Pictured: Dakota Huseth