The Underwood School Board would like to thank those community members who took part in the earlier scheduled meetings that the school district hosted and shared information about a proposed heating, ventilation and air conditioning project the board has been looking at. The Underwood School Board, along with the District's Administration are continuously striving to provide healthy learning environments for all students, staff, parents and community members. Over the last several months, the board has identified the need to invest in the Underwood School's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

Feel free to contact Dave Kuehn, Superintendent with any questions about the school district's proposed HVAC Project.  Please use this link to access the District’s HVAC Community Meeting Presentation -- 

As part of the school board's guiding principles, the board wants to ensure that all district stakeholders will be informed on the needs, purposes, values and status of the school district's facilities, as well as the board wants to provide opportunities for input/feedback from school district stakeholders on these types of projects. 

Please use the following survey link to provide valuable feedback to the school district on their proposed HVAC Project.