Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation from Underwood High School, each student must successfully complete the following requirements:

1. Successful completion of grades 7 and 8. If the class is required it must be repeated if failed.

2. Local Credit Requirement : Students must successfully complete at least 24.5 credits for SY 2024 (25.5 Credits SY 2025) in order to be eligible for graduation. These credits must include:

Phy Ed/Health



Social Studies


Economics and Personal Finance

Fine Art


1 credit

3 credits (1 credit must be Biology)

4 credits

4 credits (.5 credit must be in Geography)

3 credits (minimum through Algebra II)

.5 (1/2 credit) Personal Finance
.5 (1/2 credit) Economics 

1 credit (can be Band, Choir, or any Art class)

7.5 credits (can be any additional class beyond those listed above in any educational area)

Graduation requirements for students with an IEP, students with a 504 plan and students with limited English proficiency will comply with Minnesota State Statutes and State Board of Education Rules.

Online College Class Registration Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Cumulative GPA:

Sophomores = 3.6 / Juniors = 3.6 / Seniors = 3.2



Earned a B or higher in the most recent same subject area course at Underwood HS (or closest subject area).

  1. If a student drops an online college class once there is no chance for 100% refund to the school, they will be on academic probation for the following semester.  If a student fails an online class, the student will be on academic probation for the following semester.

  1. If Underwood offers college-level classes in-house through M-state, the district does not permit students to take these courses (or their equivalent) online. For example:

College Writing 1

College Writing II

Interpersonal communication

Public Speaking


Ceramics I

Intro to Art