Mental Health Resources

Phone support

Mobile Mental Health Crisis Response - serving Adults and Children 

Minnesota Warmline Peer Support Connection

Crisis Text Line - Text MN to 741741

National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Online Information about Mental Health

Services located in Ottertail County
Note: This list was taken from the Ottertail County website

Therapy & Counseling

Lakeland Mental Health Center 218-736-6987
 * A therapist from Lakeland Mental Health comes to our school every Tuesday to work with students.  

Birchwood Psychological Center
Darveaux Psychological Services
Gwen Brutlag, Licensed Psychologist
Integrity Counseling
Luthern Social Services
Lysne Consulting & Counseling
Nystrom & Associates
Peaceful Mind Mental Health
Solutions Behavioral Health
St. Williams Mental Health
The Blue Lotus Couseling
The Village Family Service Center
Perham Health
Lake Region Hospital Bridgeway Unit